About the Convention

Four score and a few months ago, a few friends decided it would be a "dam" good idea to run a gaming convention in The Dalles, Oregon. Why did we think this? Well, we are Crazy Gamers™ of course! Thus the idea of WagonCon was born. Since then we have had a few board members come and go but the desire to showcase gaming in the beautiful Columbia Gorge lives on.


We really do hope (please, really please!) that all of you will join us for our next WagonCon event!

WagonCon: Two and a half days of Role-Playing Games, Board Games, Miniature War Games and Collectible Card Games.

Camp Wagoncon:Two days of gaming out in the wilds!


About Us


Aaron Leach

Aaron joined us in late 2019.  A multiple time attender of WagonCon we greatly appreciate his energy and enthusiasm. 


Denise Harwood (aka The Iron GM)

Denise Harwood has loved games since she could use a computer or shuffle a pack of cards and has been addicted to Dungeons and Dragons in particular since 1993, when she first saw a 2nd edition character sheet. She has played many other systems, spent time in MMOs and hours over board games, but Dungeons and Dragons remains the place she calls home. She currently runs 5th edition Adventurer's League games as often as her husband will let her at the local gaming shop.


Justin Kramer

Justin has been playing tabletop games since the mid 90's, starting with 2nd Ed. D&D and White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade. He has been hosting, or playing, a game every week for the past 21 years. Justin enjoys long walks in dark corridors without darkvision, the smell of a fresh gelatinous cube in the morning, and lovely sunsets with dragon silhouettes dotting the horizon. Justin has been a resident of The Dalles for over 20 years. He has lived in various places from Kansas westward, and has found none to be as beautiful as the Columbia River Gorge. Justin has been attending WagonCon since its inception, and joined the board as Treasurer in December of 2019.


Matt Buckley (aka Philosopher of Star Alignment)

Matt Buckley started slaying dice and throwing dragons at the ripe age of 10 years old.  Playing as a Human Wizard in the Basic Red Box D&D set.  Then he was given a copy of the original purple box with dice you filled in with crayon.  History has never recovered.  Now he's a gamer who loves fantasy, sci-fi and urban Gothic horror.  Matt has played D&D, Rifts, Hero's Unlimited, Vampire (Classic and World of Darkness), Savage Worlds and WEG systems to name a few.  Life long gaming has been his escape, passion and drug of choice.  Currently Matt is a Megaversal Ambassador for Palladium Books who has been running Rifts games at various conventions including GameStorm, GenCon and the Palladium Open House.


Sherry Parker (aka Halfling)

Sherry Parker has been an avid gamer most of her life.  She started with classic board games and discovered RPG games, thanks to her brother, in 1989 with the release of 2nd Edition AD&D.  Much of her time at the table has been as the GM and she has run a variety of games, though her current favorites are Legendary Lives and Horror Rules.  All told she has run and played in far more games than we have space to list here with a special place in her heart for all one-book-wonder games.  Additionally, her love of board games has led to a large family collection of board games.  She enjoys attending gaming conventions such as GameStorm and WagonCon, as well as Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions like Orycon where you can see her show off her costuming skills.