WagonCon Policy Page


General Policy Goal

WagonCon’s goal is to provide a place for people from all walks of life a safe and pleasurable experience with gaming and gaming-related activities.  We expect all attendees to aid us in this goal.  To this end, we will be vigilant to ensure there is no discrimination or harassment of any kind.  If you choose to attend WagonCon, then you too agree by all of the terms and conditions within.

In short, be polite and respectful of all attendees.  Be they volunteers, organizers, attendees or Game Masters.


Event badges must be worn at all times by all attending WagonCon.  Badges are sold to an individual and may not be shared.  All attendees must have a badge while in the convention hall or attending one of the offsite events.

Allowances will be made for young children, such as children under age 5.

Player Policy

Be polite and respectful to all attendees.   Please be respectful of other attendees for scheduled events.  Signing up for an event means that a Game Master (GM) has put forth effort to run that event for the players.  Please expect to attend the full length of time for any scheduled event.  (RPG/Miniatures 4-hours, Board Games 2-hours, Card Games 2-hours.)  WagonCon has 1-hour blocks between most scheduled events for food, restroom breaks and other needs.

Game Master (GM) Policy

Be polite and respectful to all attendees.  As a GM you have signed up to run one of the many gaming-related events at WagonCon.  To that end, preparation is expected to ensure a smooth game.  As players are expected to be respectful of your time, you are expected to show the same respect of players' time.  Come prepared and ready to run a game for the given time slot.  (RPG/Miniatures 4-hours, Board Games 2-hours, Card Games 2-hours.)  Running short is OK, running over is NOT OK.  

Normally, all GMs who successfully run 12 hours of scheduled games will be granted a free badge for the following year.  They may also receive some sort of special GM gift.  

For first-time GMs, please reach out to the WagonCon staff.  We are more than happy to provide feedback and assistance on how to organize your game.

Volunteer Policy

Volunteers are the backbone of WagonCon.  Those that choose to volunteer you will earn the staff’s never-ending appreciation and admiration.  As a Volunteer we expect you to provide the best example of a WagonCon Attendee.  If you choose to Volunteer, please be clear as to which type of activities and jobs you are willing to perform.


Additional Policies and Important Information


In an effort to provide a safe environment for all attendees, we will require all attendees from the ages of 14 to 17 to have permission from their legal guardians to purchase the badge and attend the convention.  We highly encourage these legal guardians to attend the convention and enjoy the experience with their children.  All attendees under the age of 14 must be accompanied by their legal guardian.


WagonCon attendees should be aware that their photographs and/or images may be taken while attending WagonCon.  We will be respectful and appreciative of those images we choose to use for future WagonCon events.

WagonCon welcomes press but requests they check in with the event staff registration booth to receive guidelines for taking photos while at WagonCon.  Press will be expected to purchase a badge if they choose to attend the convention.

For WagonCon attendees, we ask you follow the guidelines of being respectful and polite while taking personal photos at the convention.  It is expected to ask permission of people prior to taking pictures of other individuals, their games or events.

Food and Drink

No Alcohol of any kind is allowed in the convention hall.

Non-Alcohol Drink and Food are allowed within the convention hall.  Please be respectful of the convention hall and clean up any food or drink spills which may occur.  Failure to be respectful of the convention hall may cause your badge to be forfeited.


WagonCon is a smoke-free convention.  All smoking must take place outside of the event.  As per Oregon State Law, this also includes vaping.