53 days until WagonCon 2019

March 11, 2019, 7:40 p.m.

T-53 Days until doors open at WagonCon 2019!

T-19 Days until Game Submissions & Swag orders!

A few important dates to remember!

30th of March! This is a very important date! Why, you ask?

First, it is the Game submission deadline. Any events past this day may still be taken, but will NOT make it into the program. So if you want to see your name in print, make sure to get your submissions by the 30th of March.

Second, item is orders! If you want to make sure your WagonCon goodies are ready and waiting for you at the door on the 3rd of May, you MUST get your orders in by the 30th of March! Anything after will risk not arriving on time.

That is 53 days until WagonCon, but only 19 days until the submission and swag orders deadline!