WagonCon 2017 GM Rewards

Feb. 27, 2017, 10:08 a.m.

To all WagonCon GMs and Prospective WagonCon GMs for WagonCon 2017.

Recently we were asked if we were doing anything special for those of you who decide to volunteer to GM this year.

Why yes, yes we are!

* Run one game, get $10 returned after you run your event.

*Run three games, get a full refund for your free badge ($30 value).  Receive full refund for the badge price after you run your third event.

* Additionally, GMs that run three events will also receive a matched dice set to this years WagonCon Dice.

Here is the fine print!

* To be eligible, GMs must register their games by 17th of April.

So sign up soon!