Special guests for WagonCon 2018!

Nathanael Cole  

"Nathanael Cole (better known as the ol' NPC) is returning to his new favorite convention for the second time. NPC is a ridiculously motivated podcaster of geek-centric media, hosting on podcasts such as Have Movies Will Game, Bikers Dice & Bars, and the new HAMMERCRAWL! podcast - the latter two of which are produced by his own Breakfast Puppies production company. When not podcasting, he rides his motorcycles throughout the great Pacific Northwest, and somehow finds time to work on producing small-press role-playing games such as Cannibal Contagion, Motobushido, and the upcoming Gattaibushido:FUSION! He'll be at the convention morning to nightfall and beyond, and is excited to be back for more Wagoncon awesomeness."

Nathanel Cole


Twogether Studios

Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis

Twogether Studios is one part game designer Keith Baker one part producer Jenn Ellis, and a pinch of cats. They design and produce the games Action Cats!, Illimat, and Phoenix: Dawn Command from their secret lair in Portland, Oregon.

Keith is the award winning designer of Eberron for Dungeons & Dragons as well as the card game Gloom and other titles. Jenn has been developing products and programs for 20 years from high tech stuff to summer camps. They recently delivered their Action Cats! Kickstarter exactly on time as promised and were shocked to discover there was no prize for this. They look forward to playing games and your fist bumps at WagonCon 2018.

Twogether Studios - Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis